Our method at Marinkovic Chiropractic differs from the traditional "twist and crack method." We
correct the 'cause' of your symptom(s) by restoring the normal curvature of the spine. Lotions,
potions, and pills can reduce your symptom(s), but they cannot fix the 'cause' of your symptom(s).
When the 'cause' is not corrected, your symptom(s) tend to get worse to the point where medications
are no longer effective.

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The Chiropractic term for the 'cause' of your symptom(s) is called a SUBLUXATION. These are
misaligned bones of the spine that aggravate or pinch the spinal cord and nerves exiting the spine.
Subluxation(s) can result in symptoms such as neck pain, headache, low back pain, numbness, sciatica,
carpal tunnel, and others. Since the nervous system touches every organ in your body, symptoms, such
as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, ear infection, fever, and others, have been helped through
Chiropractic care.

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Subluxation(s) can be caused by repetitive motions at work/home/school, carrying a heavy book bag on
the same shoulder, car accidents, contact sports, slips and falls, bad posture, sleeping habits,
bumper cars, or anything that whips your spine. Due to the multitude of causes, the number of
subluxations present in the general population is high.
If you or someone you know have been told that
there is arthritis in the spine, there may be long standing subluxation(s). Degeneration of the
vertebra and disc, commonly referred to as Degenerative Disc Disease and/or Osteoarthritis, occur
when the subluxation is present for 10 years or longer. In most cases, arthritis in the spine is NOT
a disease of old age, but rather how old the problem really is. Once the subluxation is corrected
through Chiropractic care, the degenerative process can be slowed as well as prevented. Spines that
do not have subluxation(s) are most likely arthritis-free regardless of the person's age.
Our F.D.A. approved S.M.A.R.T. Adjuster & Correction Device is able to locate and correct
subluxation(s) in the spine. The S.M.A.R.T. Adjuster and Correction device in conjunction with the
Visualizer provides one of the highest rates of detection of subluxation(s) to date in the
Chiropractic profession. This instrument uses gentle harmonic vibrations on the specific area in
order to unlock the subluxation(s), which are "stuck" in place. The instrument is so gentle, it is
used on children, as well as on adults.



The Visualizer is a unique new approach to an age old problem. Regular X-Ray, MRI, and CT scans must
be performed while lying or standing still. Unfortunately, subluxation(s) are detected more
efficiently when the spine is put through motion. The doctor performs a 'scan' of your spine while
standing in an open room. As the scan is performed, an image of your moving spine is projected onto a
video monitor and recorded. This means INSTANT RESULTS (no waiting days or weeks for a radiologist).
The Derma-Thermograph is an F.D.A. approved instrument, which is used to record the skin temperature
adjacent to the spine by using digital technology. The instrument indicates to the doctor the
condition of your spine and nervous system.

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